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Women's Cowboy Boots

Killer Hats we’re about more than hats. We want to help you with your perfect look. That’s why we carry only the Best Brands, Ariat, Dan Post, Dingo, Laredo, and Justin Boots. Whether you’re a Cowgirl, or a Biker Chic, you’re sure to find the perfect cowgirl boots.

The Proper fit of Western Boots:
When boots are fitted properly, your feet should feel great! Remember, that differences in the leather, toe and heel styles can affect the way a boot fits.  Heel Slippage is normal and does not mean the boots are not fitted correctly. It is not uncommon for approx. 1" up and down at the rear like a flip flop, because until the arch bends your heal has no where to go but up. After the boots have been worn a bit and the outsole has been flexed several times, the heel of the boot will conform to your heel and any slippage will disappear.

Getting Boots On and Off:
If a Boot is tough to get off it does not mean they're to small, in fact it's why we have Boot Pulls and Boot Jacks. These items aid in the ease of getting your boots on and off because a snug fitting boot is a proper fit.

Care for your Leather Boots:
Killer recommends a supreme conditioner be used regularly on the hide of the boot to replace the natural oils in the hide (skin) that no longer exists naturally and will weather out as the boots age, causing shrinkage and cracking. Good Cowboy boots can last years with the right care. Here at Killer we use Lexol Conditioner Conditioner. It's our favorite leather conditioner for the long term life of leather.

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